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Tour Incontri San Pellegrino

Last Saturday I had the chance to participate to the San Pellegrino Incontri Tour! San Pellegrino is one of the most important industries of beverages in Italy. San Pellegrino promoted this Tour around Italy to show the new beverages, very different from the ones we have been drinking. Me and other bloggers have been going around the center of Rome riding the bikes of Montante, these bikes have a vintage design and they are very beautiful and comfortable at the same time. We have discovered some important shops that have been working in the center of Rome for one hundred of years, they have been working in those shops for generations. The first shop we saw belongs to a family that has been working on the silver: they get their inspiration from the classical art, architecture and iconic figures, such as Audrey Hepburn. I took this photo of a silver pitcher inspired to the Audrey Hepburn figure.



The second stop was at the marble gallery in Via del Panico, in the Trastevere area. We have seen the beautiful works of this talented family, look at the picture below!



The third and stop of this Tour was in an ancient shop of a family specialized in repairing ancient wooden fornitures. At the end of the Tour we arrived to the beautiful Casina Valadier, in Villa Borghese.






Thank you Flaviana for taking the last two photos! 😉

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