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Fashion Show Live during London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week 2022

Fashion Show Live during London Fashion Week, was an incredible fashion show that featured some talented designers and models. The show took place in the Saint Mary Magdalene Church, in London, and it has been set up for the runway show. All these pictures have been taken by my brother, Alberto, while I was taking the videos, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw them in the stories.  

The designers who participated to the show, they all value sustainability when it comes to their designs. The show included very different styles, each designer expressed their talent and vision, showing how original and unique we all can be through fashion. During the show, some designers, such as Athea Couture and Francesca Phipps, were showing their high end couture collection, while other designers showed their amazing street style clothing lines. 

Anderson Rodriguez presented his clothing line, which was a mix of slightly goth dresses while some were bright and shiny. Enno, Poet Lab and Szczygiel, are very talented streetwear fashion designers, each one of them with very different styles from each other, and they are all definitely recognizable.

The two videos at the end of this post are showing one outfit from Saint Tropez, and one from Kwame Koranteng. The line presented by Saint Tropez is elegant, and the accessories are very versatile.  Kwame Koranteng is a luxury fashion designer with African roots, and his line is sartorial and it stands out with its bright colors. 

Enno Fashion
Enno Designer
Poet Lab


Poet Lab Designer

Alexia Cicio

Lilly Iaschelcic

Athea Couture London

Katerina Kachashvili

Saint Tropez

Kwame Koranteng

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(2) Comments

  1. Camilla SXX says:

    Fabulous show of talent! Great account of it in your blog! x

  2. Hi!
    The so called “Saint Tropez” is actually called “M COLLECTION SAINT TROPEZ” designed by the artist Una St Tropez. Worth mentioning that this is the only fashion collection in the world designed for the art gallery!

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