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My Daily Makeup Routine


Hi ladies! I would like to show you my make up daily routine and the make up style that I wear everyday. I’ve been holding on with this post, I really wanted to write it a long time ago but I wanted to be sure to find the perfect products. First of all, I apply the Smashbox primer for blemish control because I have an oily skin. I’ve started to have an acne problem few years ago and I solved it with the help of a great doctor, but still sometimes my skin acts a little crazy when I’m stressed. It’s been more than a month that I use this product everyday, even when I’m not wearing foundation, and I’m very excited to see that I’m not having such acne problem anymore! In my case the primer started the anti-blemish action after 2 weeks of usage, you should try it if you have my same skin problem.

Then I wear the Clarins foundation, the light color is the exact color of my skin, and I use the darker foundation instead of the phard (sometimes I use the phard instead of the foundation).

Then I have to tell, I’m very happy with the Collistar mascara! It makes the eyelashes long and dark, I believe that this is the best combination between quality and price.

I use the Collistar Kajal Pencil on my eyelids and then I define it with the Dior Liner and its small angle brush. As you can probably notice (by the products in the picture that don’t look new at all), I’ve been using all of the products mentioned and I wouldn’t have shared them if I didn’t honestly think that they were good.




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