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Wolford Event

Wolford Roma

Last week I attended the Sommerfest held in the Austrian Culture Center in Rome. In this occasion, there was a beautiful show and the dancers were all wearing Wolford.

The Wolford is an Austrian luxury brand, it can be considered as a leader in the industry of tights and lingerie. The dancers came all from the School of Circus Art of Rome. Now that the summer is almost here and we are all getting ready to go on our vacations on the beach, I would like to show you some Wolford swimsuits that I really like.

Image    Image

Image   Image

I hope you liked those swimsuits as much as i do! I would also like to show you few photos of the outfit that I had prepared for this event!

Spero che questi costumi vi piacciano almeno quanto piacciano a me! Mi piacerebbe inoltre mostrarvi alcune foto dell’outfit che avevo preparato in occasione di questo evento!



I was wearing:

Top: Effetti

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Aldo

This outfit is on Chicisimo!

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  1. Beautiful! Black is my fav color; or non-color I should say lol:) XO

    1. Me too, I really like to wear black! You can never be wrong with black 😉

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