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Pitti Fragranze, Fragrances Event

pitti fragranze

Pitti Fragranze is a major Fragrances event in Italy. It’s held every year in Florence, it’s also one of the most important events in Italian’s fashion. This is the first time that I participate to a Pitti event, the most known are the ones dedicated to clothes. In fact, Pitti Fragranze is just one of the many Pitti’s appointments with italian fashion. Once I got to the Stazione Leopolda, I was surprised by the amazing modern settings and lights. Fore some reasons, I was expecting a more classic environment.

It was amazing that so many perfumers participated to the event. I felt so lucky to have met professionals perfumers from all over the world, it was a pleasure to get to know them. I’ve had such a wonderful time trying their perfumes and getting to know their stories, I’ll just mention some of the brands for now, but more articles about each one of them are coming soon. Le Ser from Japan, while Kajal and The Gate are both from Dubai. From France I’ve met Chabaud and Jardins the France. From Italy I’ve had the pleasure to meet Teatro Fragranze Uniche.

pitti firenze      pitti florence


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