How to get rid of Eye Circles

how to get rid of eye circles

How to get rid of eye circles, I’ll tell you my experience. My eyes naturally tend to get  dark eye circles, especially when I don’t sleep much. This beauty products review is based on my experience. This is a delicate area of the face, so it’s very important to take care of it.

This product is a little expensive but it’s worth every cent. It’s a serum, not a cream and I suggest you to use it in the morning and  before going to sleep. I must say that it brightened my skin under the eyes. I don’t have eyes wrinkles, but I’m using it mostly for prevention. But I’ve made my boyfriend try it, because he also has dark eyes circles and he has some wrinkles under the eyes. After just few days I saw the area with the wrinkles getting a lot better. The skin became softer and the most recent wrinkles went away in only six days, as you can see in the demonstration. Read more advices below.

  • Sephora Eye Mask. It’s affordable, fast and easy to use, since the application lasts about 15 minutes.

To be honest, I didn’t see many changes in my eyes wrinkles or eye circles. Since the mask doesn’t need to rinse, as a result of this application I saw that the area under the eyes was well hydrated. I think that this mask is more effective when you are already using a cream. Of course not all at the same time, but at different times of the day.

eye circles



In conclusion, Dr Brandt. Dark Circles Away is a product that made me happy. My boyfriend got rid of his wrinkles under the eyes, while my dark circles got brighter.

  • Some advices: don’t use dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away if you just got tan.  Apply it on your cheek bones under the eyes, it absorbs quickly.


On Amazon you can find a dr. Brand Collagen Serum Booster, from the same line of Dr. Brandt Dark Cirlces Away.

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