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Casual outfit with heels

Casual Outfit with Heels

I’m back with a casual outfit with heels, just perfect for September in Rome. I always liked the combination of light blue and white for clothes, and both colors are a good fit for this season. I found this cute spot in Rome, it’s a hidden street with small houses, absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t help myself, as soon as I saw this spot, I knew I had to stop here and take a few pictures!

I’m wearing a light blue, almost purple, shirt from Karl Lagerfeld. I like it because it’s appropriate for every occasion, and for every place. It’s one of those items you can wear for your everyday life, as it looks good on jeans, on skirts, shorts… I picked these white shorts from Guess to go with it, as I was looking for something nice, but with a casual feel. I always thought that brown would look good with every shade of blue, from the light ones to darkest, and it definitely works with white. I decided to go for brown accessories for this look, so I chose these heels from Micheal Kors. And, as you’ve seen quite a few times on my blog, I picked my Louis Vuitton Alma to complete this outfit.

Casual Outfit with Heels
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