First day in Seville City

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A day around Seville City, I just came back from this beautiful city and I couldn’t wait to write its story. Seville is an explosion of colors, perfumes, there are so many details that you don’t know where to look. The first thing that I’ve noticed when I got out of the taxi, it was the smell of flowers. I turned around and I saw a tree with blooming flowers. Then I thought “well, it’s spring. But what a lovely tree, really!”.

It was night so we just went to our hotel and that was it. The morning, when we left, we kept feeling that perfume like it was following us. And guess what, Seville City is full of Orange trees, and now that it’s spring they are blooming. While my fiancé and I were walking around, we found this beautiful garden in the center of the city. And there wasn’t only the orange trees, but there were bushes with flowers, wisteria hanging from the fences.

Just for a moment, think of these beautiful flowers, smell and colors. Now, imagine a beautiful ancient Spanish architecture, isn’t it magical?

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