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I’m back with this casual pink outfit. I thought this look could give you some sporty outfit ideas. It’s very comfortable and informal, the colors are very bright. Let’s give it a closer look.

This long hoodie is from Moschino, I found it perfect for this season. I fell in love with its pink, and the print is nice and fun. It can definitely be worn with a pair of jeans, but I’d suggest jeggins or leggins to go with it, as they’re usually more thin. I chose these pink socks from Guess, and they are the exact same color! A little story here… I bought the socks before, because the color really caught my eye, and when I touched them, they were so soft, I just knew I had to get them. And only after a few weeks I found the Moschino hoodie in the store, and when I came back home, I found out the color was the same. 

To complete the outfit, I chose the white Buffalos, you’ve seen them before in the blog. I love that these shoes are vegan, they are definitely an option for those who keep an eye on ethical fashion. I remember the Buffalos from my childhood, as they were widely used by teenagers in Italy at the time. I chose a comfortable small backpack from Micheal Kors, with gold details. 

Watch my Instagram Reel of this outfit. Click here

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