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New Vintage

This outfit is what I call a new vintage style, I mean, the overall style is vintage but the items don’t necessarily belong to this category. Besides the shapes, I’ve always thought that colors can make an outfit look vintage, for example, the color of this trench gives me that vintage vibe. The Guess sweater underneath the coat brings this look back to our modern days. We took these pictures while we were in Sevilla. The sweater was absolutely necessary considering the weather, which was a bit rainy but not enough to stop us. I felt like this look was an extension of this city, I feel like it’s an accessory of this angle in the garden.

new vintage

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I’m wearing:

Coat: Guess by Marciano

Ankle boots: Aldo Shoes

Sweater: Guess

Bag: Chanel

Scarf: Hermes


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