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What to see in Beijing

I’ve been in Beijing for few days, but I managed to see the main monuments of this beautiful city. I was so surprised to see how modern this city has turned in only few decades, there are 16 lines of the metro, skyscrapers and and large streets. There is a lot to see in Beijing and I’m going to show you some of the many beautiful historical sites, but one post is not enough so I will be posting more of them this week. The first picture is the entrance of the Forbidden City, at the in front of every temple or imperial monument there are always two big statues of lions, one is male and the other is a female lion. Yellow was the color of the emperor of China, for this reason all the imperial monument have the yellow roofs, and he was the only one allowed to wear yellow. In this gallery there are also the pictures of the Summer Palace built for the mother of the emperor, I absolutely loved this place. In the picture below I’m inside the Forbidden City.


In the picture below there is Tienanmen square, it’s 800 meters large which makes it one of the biggest squares in the world.


In the pictures below there is the Summer Palace.








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