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Discovering the Hutong in Beijing

This is a sequel of the posts-saga “What to see in Beijing part 12“, but I really didn’t feel like naming this post “what to see in Beijing part 3”! This time I’m showing you the Hutongs of Beijing, more specifically in the Xicheng District. The Hutongs are the small streets and they are not only in Beijing.

This quarter is very important because it’s the only part of the Beijing that remained untouched by the modernity of the city as we see it today. It’s very nice to walk around these streets, and I suggest you to visit the Olympic Homestay, which is a well preserved home and you can see how the traditional Chinese home used to be. If you want to visit it, you can find it at the No 33 Dajinsi Hutong in the Xicheng District, it’s also a bed and breakfast. The first four pictures of this post have been taken in the Olympic Homestay, and the last three ┬áhave been taken while walking around this beautiful area.

Xicheng district Beijing

olympic homestay

Xicheng District

The pictures below have been taken while walking around the Hutongs of Beijing.

Hutong of Beijing

Beijing Hutong

Hutong Beijing

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    Nice Photos and i love your works!

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