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Pearls Shop in Beijing – Li Heng Tang negozio di Perle a Pechino

When I was in Beijing I went to the Li Heng Tang pearls store runned by the Chinese State. I’m only posting the pictures of the shop, but the Li Heng Tang has also its own fabric. In this shop you can find high quality of pearls of every size, some of the necklaces and rings are styled with diamonds. When I was there I was told how the process of making pearls jewelry works, one of the things I learned is that there are many different colors of pearls, they can naturally be black, pink, purple and gold, besides the classic white. It takes a lot of time to create the pearls, the smallest ones have to stay inside for at least two years, the ones in the main pictures of this post have been inside from ten and fifteen years. I was worried about what could happen after that the pearls are removed from the mollusk, it doesn’t die so it goes back in its tank and it is ready to make other pearls. In this gallery you will see some beautiful pieces, such as the black pearls necklace, the pearl and diamonds necklace and the baby pearls dress.

pearls beijing

pearl necklace

black pearl

pearls luxury

pearls necklace

pearl shop beijing

pearl and diamond

pearl dress

Li Heng Tang Beijing

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  1. Katie says:

    Beauty jewels and particulars works!!

  2. […] Few weeks ago I went to the wedding of my two dear friends, it was a great emotion for me. This is what I was wearing that day, this outfit could be an idea of what to wear to a wedding. There isn’t a rule for the colors, I usually love the light colors, but I couldn’t resist to this Guess dress, you can still find it on the shops and good news…it’s on sale now! I’m wearing a pearl necklace and earrings that I’ve got in China at the Li Heng Tang pearls shop of Beijing. […]

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