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    First day in Seville City

    A day around Seville City, I just came back from this beautiful city and I couldn’t wait to write its story. Seville is an explosion of colors, perfumes, there are so many details that you don’t know where to look. The first thing that I’ve noticed when I got out of the taxi, it was the smell of flowers. I turned around and I saw a tree with blooming flowers. Then I thought “well, it’s spring. But what a lovely tree, really!”. It was night so we just went to our hotel and that was it. The morning, when we left, we kept feeling that perfume like it was following…

  • Teatro Fragranze Uniche

    Teatro Fragranze Uniche

    Teatro Fragranze Uniche is an Italian brand of Home Fragrances. The founders are three women inspired by the Florentin Renaissance, through the creation of exclusive fragrances made in Italy. Since there is an important attention for the details, the decanters are thought as a decoration for the environment. As a result, the fragrance and the bottle together add a special allure to the room. “Giving life to an explosion of the senses is the objective behind the creation of our fragrances.” A kaleidoscope of olfactory experiences are expressed in the form of elegantly designed fragrance bottles, true treasure chests of emotions. Teatro Fragranze Uniche has developed  a   line of fine,…

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    Welcome 2016

    I would like to start by wishing you all a wonderful New Year!! This is my first post of 2016, I’ve started this year with a quiet mood and I took advantage of the holidays to walk around my beautiful Rome. Winter is definitely arrived in Rome, so I’m finally wearing some winter clothes to stay warm. This is a casual outfit, appropriate for a walk in a cold temperature. The dark blue is the main color. in contrast with the light colors such as white and beige of the Forever 21 sweater and the Burberry scarf. I’ve picked my Pierre Cardin bag, perfect for the occasion and for its…

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    Preppy Vibe

    I’m in Rome, we are still having some beautiful sunny days even if it’s December. I’m wearing a preppy style, which somehow reminds me the fashion style of Gossip Girl. It’s very easy to recreate a look like this, I’m wearing a simple white shirt with a blazer on it. The blazer has a colorful flowers’ pattern. Since I love bright colors, I’ve picked the red skirt that I bought at Forever 21. Just like the blazer, it also has a flowers  pattern but it’s not the same. Since the patterns are different, it’s better to choose the ones that look good together. I’m wearing: Blazer: H&M Skirt: Forever 21 Ankle…

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    Matching Gucci

    I’m starting this blogging year with a Gucci outfit!  I’m so happy about this new year, there are so many news coming. I already booked for some travels, which also means that there will be more content to share with you, and I just can’t wait to do that. Today I’m sharing the pictures of this look, I have paired this Gucci Vintage Web handbag with the scarf because they have the same pattern and almost the same colors. The outfit is casual, I chose this coat because of its simplicity and its elegance, the double breasted coat is one of my favorite fashion items so far. I’ve always thought…

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