Fendi Accessories

It’s starting for everyone the countdown to the spring days! Meanwhile there are some days that we can’t really understand if the day is going to be cold or not, just like the one in these pictures. How do we dress for such an unpredictable weather?

I used the Fendi scarf to cover the shoulders during this mid season, and a Guess sweater that keeps me warm enough, I figured that this outfit might work when a sunny day might become colder. I’m wearing the ankle boots from Aldo, and I have added an elegant touch to the outfit with the Fendi scarf and the Fendi pochette with the Forever 21 midi rings, I recently fell in love with these accessories.





I was wearing:

Fendi Scarf

Guess Sweater

Forever 21 Midi Rings

Aldo Shoes

Fendi Pochette

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