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I’m starting this blogging year with a Gucci outfit!  I’m so happy about this new year, there are so many news coming. I already booked for some travels, which also means that there will be more content to share with you, and I just can’t wait to do that. Today I’m sharing the pictures of this look, I have paired this Gucci Vintage Web handbag with the scarf because they have the same pattern and almost the same colors. The outfit is casual, I chose this coat because of its simplicity and its elegance, the double breasted coat is one of my favorite fashion items so far. I’ve always thought that bag and scarf are the items that must match, I think that it makes the outfit look good.

fashion blogger roma

gucci roma

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bauletto gucci vintage web






I’m wearing:

Gucci Vintage Web Bag and Scarf

Camaieu Coat

Prima Donna Shoes

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  1. Perfetta!

    1. Grazie, sei gentilissima!

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