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    Recently I’ve been interviewed by Independent Fashion Bloggers and 10PM, first of all I would like to thank them for it and for their kindness. It was such a pleasure for me to get to answer to some questions about my blog and about myself in general, so go read them if you are curious! In the first screenshot I got featured on IFB: which is an online community for bloggers that joined from all over the world. Besides my interview, you should join if you are a blogger, because there are so many useful tips that you might want to read. The following interview is on 10PM, a blog that Stephanie…

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    Outfit on the Great Wall

    I’m on the Great Wall for the first time, I’ve always wanted to see it. This is one of the wonders of the world that appear in all the school books. As I was saying in the post What to see in Beijing part 2, the Great Wall of China is been a location for runways, the first was held by Fendi. I would like to give some advices on what to wear on your visit. Usually the temperature is 5 degrees celsius lower than the temperature of Beijing. I was lucky enough to find a very warm day in the middle of the month of April. While some parts…

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    Discovering the Hutong in Beijing

    This is a sequel of the posts-saga “What to see in Beijing part 1–2“, but I really didn’t feel like naming this post “what to see in Beijing part 3”! This time I’m showing you the Hutongs of Beijing, more specifically in the Xicheng District. The Hutongs are the small streets and they are not only in Beijing. This quarter is very important because it’s the only part of the Beijing that remained untouched by the modernity of the city as we see it today. It’s very nice to walk around these streets, and I suggest you to visit the Olympic Homestay, which is a well preserved home and you…

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    What to see in Beijing (part 2)

    As I promised, here I am with the second part of What to see in Beijing (also read What to see in Beijing part 1). The first pictures of this post are the ones of the Sacred Way, in the ancient chinese world when the emperors died their bodies had to be taken to the tombs prepared for them and to go to there they had to go through the Sacred Way. In the picture below there is a turn, that was made because the ancient Chinese thought that the evil spirits could only go straight, so the turn could protect the emperors. After the Sacred way pictures there is the Temple…

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    Pearls Shop in Beijing

    When I was in Beijing I went to the Li Heng Tang pearls store runned by the Chinese State. I’m only posting the pictures of the shop, but the Li Heng Tang has also its own fabric. In this shop you can find high quality of pearls of every size, some of the necklaces and rings are styled with diamonds. When I was there I was told how the process of making pearls jewelry works, one of the things I learned is that there are many different colors of pearls, they can naturally be black, pink, purple and gold, besides the classic white. It takes a lot of time to…

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    What to see in Beijing

    I’ve been in Beijing for few days, but I managed to see the main monuments of this beautiful city. I was so surprised to see how modern this city has turned in only few decades, there are 16 lines of the metro, skyscrapers and and large streets. There is a lot to see in Beijing and I’m going to show you some of the many beautiful historical sites, but one post is not enough so I will be posting more of them this week. The first picture is the entrance of the Forbidden City, at the in front of every temple or imperial monument there are always two big statues of lions,…

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