Roma Moderna – Modern Rome

roma moderna

Roma moderna is the italian translation of “modern Rome”. As a proud roman girl, I like to show every side of my city, Rome is indeed known for being the eternal city. While history and ancient ruins are almost behind every corner, Rome has also a modern quarter. It might come as a surprise, especially for someone who has never been there.

I’m in the Eur quarter, which I have already shared in this post. More specifically, I’m by the Colosseo Quadrato which is also the  Fendi Headquarter. I’m wearing a casual look, perfect for the Fall season. This black and white sweater from Bershka is a new entry in my closet while the Chanel bag is a constant presence in my outfits. These Aldo shoes are also a new entry and I must say that they are very stylish and comfortable. I felt like this look didn’t need too many accessories, maybe just a necklace, because it’s a basic look.

If you are are curious about modern Rome, you might want to see this outfit, which it also happen to have a similar style of this one.


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I’m wearing

Bersha sweater

Chanel 2.55

Aldo Shoes

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