Hiring only under 25 years old

I would like to specify that this post is referring only about an italian situation. The shop owners tend to hang this specific sign in front of their shop: “hiring only under 25 years old”. Even the online ads say the same. Since no one has ever imposed this age limit and there is no law about it, why do shop owners only hire under 25 years old people? Is it good for the companies? Don’t get me wrong, young people have to work, I’m just questioning this age limit.

I must say that in Italy the working system is different, there is just a small part of underage people that work, That’s because of the law, and also most of the times the families don’t want their kids to work until they finish their studies. In this way the italian kids almost never go to work before they are 18. After that, when they get hired as shop assistants, they are expected to already know how to work. But in their situation and at this point of their life, they are not mature enough yet. Being a seller is not an easy job, and shop owners shouldn’t forget that.

So, is this age limit still a good idea in Italy? My answer is no. I can’t blame it on the under 25 or on the society,  but I strongly believe that the shop owners should hire expert sellers to work together with the young ones. In this way the young will learn from the best and everyone can profit from that. But guess what...in Italy no one wants to hire over 35 years old to work in the shops. I don’t understand why it’s so inconvenient to hire a 40 or 50 years old woman to work as a shop assistant. Personally, when I go shopping, I want to receive advices from an older person. Older people usually have a different attitude toward the clients, so why shouldn’t they work in the shops?

I believe that having a mixed age staff is good for both the company and the employers.



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