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Ask Alessia

I’ve received an email from a girl that inspired me to create this new category “Ask Alessia“.  You can ask me to create an outfit for you, and I’ll share the pictures. I’m going to rename Sara the girl that wrote me, just to protect her privacy. The original email was in Italian, so I’m going to translate the email for you.

Sara wrote me this:

“Hi Alessia, I really like your blog and I’d like you to suggest me how to dress. I’ve recently bought a faux leather jacket but I don’t know how to wear it without looking too punk/gothic.” In our exchanges of emails she told me that she would like to wear heels and the occasion is a day out with friends. This outfit is the response to Sara’s email.






I’m wearing:

DKNY Scarf

Michael Kors bag

Aldo scarpe

Faux Leather Jacket: Pimkie

Buy this style!




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