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Beret outfit ideas

Beret Outfit Ideas

I came back to London, wearing this casual street style while visiting. This can be one of the beret outfit ideas, I think berets definitely add a chic tone every look. This outfit is a mix of styles and it comes out as casual but some details make it more sophisticated. This look very easy to recreate, you just need a pair of denim, not necessarily ripped as mine are in these pictures. Then you’ll need an oversized blazer, I’m wearing a white/creamy one, with anything you like underneath. I picked a turtleneck top without sleeves, which is perfect for this season. Especially during autumn days, it’s hard to predict the weather and you never really know if it’s going to be a warm or a rainy day, so this outfit really helps because it works for all kind of weather. I’m wearing a pair of black boots, which I really like for the aesthetic of this look, but they’re also really good in case it rains. And the beret from Matilde Marianetti is the most elegant item of the outfit, and it works perfectly for this season. If you scroll down, you’ll find more outfits featuring one of her berets. The picture was taken as soon as I came back to Rome, and there’s a short video about the outfit ideas.

How To Wear a Beret

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Beret Outfit Ideas

Alessia’s tips: berets are very versatile, so having a black beret or a creamy one in your closet, it’s a very good idea if you ask me. They make every look more stylish and they’re comfortable to wear.

Handmade Hats Made in Italy
Alessia La Scala

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