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Collistar Eyeliner

Hi ladies, I’m back with a review of Collistar Eyeliner Tecnico. I bought it in Rome, but since Collistar is an international brand I’m sure you can find it easily at Sephora. Many girls feel like the eyeliner is too difficult to apply, so they just give up or use something else. If you are the type of person that doesn’t feel comfortable applying an eyeliner, and maybe you are just as messy as I am, this review is for you. Keep reading to see what I found great about this eyeliner and to see my make up.


  • Precision
  • Color
  • Waterproof

Precision: This eyeliner has a strong edge, which makes the application much easier for you. I’m also doing my make up much faster because, as I said,  it’s very easy to apply and it dries in few seconds. When I was using the eyeliner with the soft edge, I found it hard to apply it on the angle of the eyes, which was the main reason why I was using an eyeliner.

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Color: I chose the black color, because I’m not usually too extravagant with make up. It’s also really matte, and it stays long without leaving any imperfection. The color doesn’t change throughout the day.

Waterproof: It is probably even too much. I have to use an extra make up remover in order to remove this eyeliner completely, but it’s ok.

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