Just like last summer, this year I went in Greece with my family. We chose Hydra Island as our destination. I’m going to tell you right away what makes this island different from all the other Greek islands. There are no cars, and this is what makes it so special.

Since there are no cars, people go around the island with donkeys and horses. While living in the digital era, it makes you feel like you went back with time. There is only one small town, which is also absolutely gorgeous. If you want to know more about Greek islands, read about Milos here.

How to get to Hydra from Athens:

  • Go to the metro station Pireus (green line), and walk by the Ferris Station. I suggest you to buy the tickets before you get there, you can purchase them online.
  • It takes about one hour from Athens

Generic tips:

  • Since there are no cars, so consider that you need to walk to get to the beach and on your way back to the hotel.
  • There are about four beaches around the town, if you don’t mind long walks (for some of them you are going to walk for even 4 km). Otherwise, you can take a taxi boat by the port, which is a small boat that can take you everywhere you want.


Where to eat in Hydra:

  • Xeri Elia
  • Il Casta. It’s an italian restaurant and I must say something about this place. When I travel, I never go on on italian restaurants, but I’ve seen all the positive reviews and I gave it a try. The food is wonderful!
  • Veranda Restaurant. If you like the city view and sunsets: this location is perfect. I posted a picture below.

If you want to have a nice aperitif, I suggest a couple of places:

  • Spilia Beach Club: which has a wonderful view of the port and the town.
  • Castello: which I believe it used to be a real castle in the past. I’m sure you will end up here because here it is by one of the closest beaches.

These are some pictures of this beautiful island, enjoy!




If you are interested in other Greek Islands, read about Milos too!

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