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Summer Vacation Outfits

It’s been a while since I last shared a look, and I am finally here with a summer vacation outfit with the best Louis Vuitton for everyday use. I also want to share my ideas on Louis Vuitton bags and how to match them with an outfit.

I would like to answer this question: “What Louis Vuitton should I buy first?“. My answer is: Louis Vuitton Alma Monogram. 

  • Why an Alma bag?  Since the Alma was my the very first Louis Vuitton, I have used it a lot ever since I bought it, mostly because this bag matches almost every outfit. I believe that this is the best Louis Vuitton bag to buy and, for many reasons, I also think this is the best Louis Vuitton bag to invest in.

First of all the Louis Vuitton Alma is comfortable while it keeps its elegant shape. Secondly, almost everyone (myself included) has a Speedy in her closet, which is also a wonderful bag, but if you want to be a little different while maintaining the classical Louis Vuitton look: go for an Alma. In my personal opinion, I think this is enough to make it the best Louis Vuitton for everyday use.

  • Now you are probably wondering how to match handbag with outfit, it’s not that difficult. The classic Monogram pattern is brown, and other common patterns are the Ebene and Azur. (Read about the Speedy Azur here).

Since the Louis Vuitton Monogram and Ebene are both brown, first of all you need to match them with the other colors. These colors-matching “rules” applies to every Louis Vuitton bags that have Monogram and Ebene patterns. I think that these Louis Vuitton bags match well with outfits that have white, pink, all kind of blue colors, and all the shades of brown. Avoid black because brown doesn’t always look good with black.

In conclusion, I believe that the Alma is the best louis vuitton bag to buy, and the best luxury everyday bag,





summer vacation outfits






I’m wearing: 

Louis Vuitton Alma bag

Bershka shorts

Bata shoes

Guess top


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