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I’ve thought about writing my experience with the Louis Vuitton Azur, since I’ve been using it for some months. I have a Louis Vuitton Monogram but the Damier Azur gave me more the idea of being delicate, so at the beginning I was so afraid of using it. To be honest I wasn’t even sure about buying it, because I thought I would ruin the light colors of the canvas. But I was surprised to see that it never happened, even if I’ve been using it a lot.

  • The canvas has a very good quality so it’s hard to ruin it. But the leather parts are very delicate, so I must suggest to use it always with your hands clean and dry, because the water will ruin this type of leather and there is no way to fix it. Also, don’t take it outside when it rains because the side parts in leather are the most exposed and you will see the spots. One more thing, when you expose your Louis Vuitton to the sun, the leather will become darker so this is up to you and your taste.

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I’m wearing:

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur

Top: Elisabetta Franchi

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