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When in Rome…

When in Rome, let’s say it…I spend a lot of time doing shopping! I don’t necessarily buy everything that I see, but it’s still considered shopping. This time I would like to show you some new entries into my wardrobe. First of all, my new Guess Jacket, which is on sale now. It’s a blue navy cape jacket, with faux fur details. While it’s very nice and comfortable it’s also easy to match with other items.

In this outfit I’ve matched the cape jacket with another new item, a pair of white pants from Zara. These not so new over-the-knees boots from Aldo are completing this look. I have to make a confession here, I’m never been a big fan of white on fashion items. I made an exception because I liked the idea of trying something different, and to be honest it feels good to have a change of heart.





Questa volta vorrei mostrarvi alcuni dei miei recenti acquisti, primo fra tutti il giubbotto di Guess, che adesso trovate in saldo. Ha la forma di un poncho, ha dei dettagli in pelliccia sintetica, i suoi punti forti sono la comodità e la facilità di accostamento con gli altri capi.questo caso ho scelto di abbinarlo con un’altra new entry, ovvero i pantaloni bianchi presi da Zara e gli stivali over the knee (non più così nuovi) di Aldo. È arrivato il momento di farvi una piccola confessione, non sono mai stata un’amante del bianco per l’abbigliamento e per alcuni accessori di moda, però mi piaceva l’idea di provare qualcosa di diverso e devo ammettere che ogni tanto uscire dai propri schemi fa sentire bene.





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  1. Bellissimo outfit! Mi piacciono molto gli stivali!
    Un bacione,

  2. Gorgeous! And perfect background

  3. I love this, especially the boots!

    Carmen x

  4. I love the jacket, it suits you so well. A very nice look and perfect for this weather 🙂

    xx from Austria,

  5. Nice styling 🙂 Loving your boots! You look so pretty

  6. Love this look! The boots are stunning babe!

    Sophie xx

  7. Really pretty! I have been to Rome myself and I love it! Nice blog! I started mine 2 weeks ago about fashion & lifestyle!

  8. Wow !

    “Rome, thou art a whole world, it is true, and yet without love this
    World would not be the world, Rome would cease to be Rome…”

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