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Umbria is the Italian region where since childhood I used to hide with my family to escape from the chaos of the city. There are so many famous cities in Umbria, such as Assisi and Perugia, where people from all over the world come to admire the architectural and artistic masterpieces. Personally, I’ve always felt fascinated by the little medieval town which, just at first sight, they seem to have nothing to offer. Each time I go there, they give me the chance to imagine how life was few centuries ago, and it’s so easy to feel immersed when there are no cars around and no sounds, which are typical of the big cities. This is the gift that these small umbrians towns gave to me: a moment dedicated to imagination .

These pictures have been taken in Montoro, a small medieval town between the cities of Narni and Terni. Montoro very quiet and it’s on an hill, there is a wonderful view of the valley from a little square that makes you feel like you are on your own terrace, it made me feel like nothing could ever bother me there.



I’m wearing

Chanel bag

Amy Gee Jacket

Laura Biagiotti shoes

Tiffany Necklace



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