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    Just like last summer, this year I went in Greece with my family. We chose Hydra Island as our destination. I’m going to tell you right away what makes this island different from all the other Greek islands. There are no cars, and this is what makes it so special. Since there are no cars, people go around the island with donkeys and horses. While living in the digital era, it makes you feel like you went back with time. There is only one small town, which is also absolutely gorgeous. If you want to know more about Greek islands, read about Milos here. How to get to Hydra from…

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    I wanted to tell you some details about my father-daughter trip to Milos, a beautiful island in Greece. If you saw my Instagram lately I’ve been sharing photos of the beaches in Milos, there are so many of them and all different from each others, I’m going to show you the pictures of my favorite spots of the island. The shortest way to get to Milos is this: once you arrive in Athens, you take an hydrofoil outside the metro station Pireus, it takes 3 hours and an half. I’ve made a video of Milos, feel free to take a look it lasts only 30 seconds! I took the first picture…

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    Red Pants Outfit in Valencia

    I’m finally sharing one more post about my loved Valencia! I found this beautiful spot while I was walking and I thought it would be perfect for my outfit photos. This time I’m wearing a red pants outfit while the red flowers are on the background. I couldn’t be happier because red is one of my favorite colors and I also love flowers. It was the outfit that I wore on my last day in Valencia, I was so sad to leave this city. I’ve matched a pale pink blouse with the red pants, and the white and grey Louis Vuitton bag, in general I think that any item with…

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    Diary of Valencia

    [:en]I’m sharing the photography diary of one of my days in Valencia, I also have some great news. Last friday I did the last exam at university and I feel like graduation is so close now. In the first pictures below I’m in the center of Valencia, which has a classical european architecture. It was surprising to me because the first things that I think about are the City of Sciences and Arts. I took these  photos below in the morning, where I met these beautiful girls wearing the traditional dresses. In the afternoon I went back to the city of Sciences and Arts, since I loved so much this modern…

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    Hola Valencia!

    [:en] I’m finally sharing my pictures in Valencia! It was my first time in this city, one year ago I visited Barcelona and I knew I had to come back to Spain. Valencia is stunning, the architecture is classic and refined in the center, and there is also a modern side of the city which is very futuristic (take a look at my Instagram to see the photos that I’ve already shared). In these pictures I’m in the modern area, by the museum of Arts and Sciences. This is a comfortable and cute outfit to wear when traveling, I’m wearing a lace up t-shirt from H&M and the Louis Vuitton…

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    One day in SintraUna giornata a Sintra

    When you visit Lisbon, you have to spend at least one day in Sintra. It’s a small city but there are so many historical treasures that are worth to see.Se andate a Lisbona, una visita a Sintra è d’obbligo. È una piccola cittadina su una montagna, piena di tesori storici e architettonici assolutamente da non perdere.

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    Bom Dia Lisboa!Buongiorno Lisboa!

    Bom dia from Lisboa! I’ve visited Portugal last week, it was my first time in this country and I loved it! Bom dia da Lisbona! La settimana scorsa sono stata per la prima volta in Portogallo, mi è piaciuto molto. Scriverò altri post sulla mia esperienza a Lisbona, ma se intanto siete curiosi potete guardare le foto che ho pubblicato su Instagram mentre ero lì. 

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    Jurassic CoastJurassic Coast

    During my trip in South England, I’ve visited the Jurassic Coast. It’s an amazing site, I would like to suggest a visit here to those who love to take photos, the colors of the beaches are incredible. In the Jurassic Coast you won’t find any fossils of dinosaurs, the coast gained this name for its ancient stones. You can get here by bus or by car, but once you arrive there is a long walk to get to the beach so you should wear comfortable clothes. Durante il mio viaggio a Sud dell’Inghilterra ho visitato la Jurassic Coast. È un sito davvero interessante, suggerisco di visitarlo in particolare alle persone…

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    [:en] Two weeks ago I went to visit Bournemouth, a nice town in South England. These photos have been taken at Bournemouth Beach, you can also spot the beautiful beach in one of these pictures. I have also posted some photos on Instagram when I was there. I’m wearing a long sweater from Forever 21 it has mixed colors and it appears to be gray in the complex. I matched it with black pants from Zara, with the ankle boots from Forever 21 that I bought in Paris. I’ve brought this Pierre Cardin bag, which is very good while traveling. I’m wearing: Sweater: Forever 21 Pants: Zara Ankle Boots: Forever…

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    [:en]Weekend in Strasbourg[:it]Weekend a Strasburgo[:]

    [:en] During my time spent in Paris, I spent a weekend in Strasbourg. It’s a beautiful city, there are so many flowers, it’s something that I’ve always loved to see in the urban environment. There is a mixed architecture, some houses have a german style and others looks like the ones in Paris. These pictures have been taken during the early morning, the warm lights give a special touch to the city. I’m wearing a total blue outfit, I bought this top at H&M in Paris and I matched it with the Bata shoes of the same color. [:it] Durante il periodo passato a Parigi, ho deciso di visitare Strasburgo…

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