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I wanted to tell you some details about my father-daughter trip to Milos, a beautiful island in Greece. If you saw my Instagram lately I’ve been sharing photos of the beaches in Milos, there are so many of them and all different from each others, I’m going to show you the pictures of my favorite spots of the island.

  • The shortest way to get to Milos is this: once you arrive in Athens, you take an hydrofoil outside the metro station Pireus, it takes 3 hours and an half. I’ve made a video of Milos, feel free to take a look it lasts only 30 seconds!

I took the first picture and the two pictures below in Sarakiniko, also known as the “moon beach” because of the rocks’ color and shape. Once you get on this part of Milos, you can take a bath in the first picture of this post.



I’ve been obsessed with Mandrakia, so if you scroll down a little my Instagram feed, you can still see the pictures of this place. This is Mandrakia in the pictures below, there is a spot where you can see these small boats and on the other side you can take a bath by getting into the water as you can see in the third picture below.




This is Paleochori, we have visited it the first day and I absolutely loved the colors of this beach.



This is Firopotamos, my favorite of all. I have to start my description by apologizing because I’ve tried my best to take a photo that gives the idea of the beauty of this place. Just trust my opinion, taking a bath here is amazing, because the water is so clear and its colors are just like the picture, and there is this huge coast that makes the contest so special.



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  1. Gorgeous pics 🙂 xx

  2. Alessia! Thank you for sharing these pics of your father/daughter trip to Greece! The beaches are stunning! The water so blue. One day, I will have to visit these places. 🙂

  3. Phillip Taylor says:

    Look that was a nice article about ur vacation in Greece and talking about the water i think its pretty cool that i can get on here read stuff about places I’ve never been before

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