One day in Sintra

When you visit Lisbon, you have to spend at least one day in Sintra. It’s a small city but there are so many historical treasures that are worth to see. The city is on the mountain and it can be very exhausting to walk all the way to the top, especially if you are a tourist and you have been walking for days to keep up with the busy schedule.

Some useful informations:

There are many ways to get to Sintra, I took the train at the Entrecampos Station and there is a train that will take you straight to Sintra in less than one hour. And on the way back I took the same train and got out at the Rossio station, in the center of Lisbon.

One arrived to Sintra, you can choose to rent an electric car to get around, but there are also many other   options offered. I’ve rented an electric car which also had the map, so it was much easier to get around.







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