• The Girl With Pink Hair
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    The girl with pink hair

    After several months of lockdown, I’ve decided to become the girl with pink hair! Since we still have some restrictions, I thought “well, if it doesn’t work out, there is lockdown at least”. As an addition, wearing the mask is still mandatory in Italy, so I felt more confident for this different hair color. At first I was a bit scared of people’s reaction, but after the first positive feedbacks I felt comfortable enough to show up at work without tying my pink hair. The outfit itself is the typical office look. I gave it a modern twist by wearing the Buffalo sneakers and the squared sunglasses from Unofficial. The…

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    Fall in Love with GAP

    I can’t believe Fall is almost here! First of all I would like to thank GAP for our partnership, they also gave me this wonderful fashion idea for the upcoming season: Girlfriend Jeans and the Warmest Vest, together they are such a great match. The Warmest Vest is the perfect item during Autumn, it’s versatile and very easy to style. But when I was in the store I’ve had such an hard time to choose the color. They are all so beautiful that I couldn’t decide which one I would take with me! If you are in Rome you should go visit the GAP store in Castel Romano and look for…

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    My Graduation Day

    My graduation day has finally come, I’m getting my degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation at La Sapienza, the University of Rome. I’ve been wondering a lot if I should have written this post or not, and what exactly I was going to say about it. I’ve graduated in the United States and then I came back in Italy to finish my studies and to start the University and it wasn’t that easy. The italian university La Sapienza is not the easiest one, here you definitely learn how to earn everything, even the smallest information does looks like you just found out something top secret, not  kidding! I need to…

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    When in Rome…

    When in Rome, let’s say it…I spend a lot of time doing shopping! I don’t necessarily buy everything that I see, but it’s still considered shopping. This time I would like to show you some new entries into my wardrobe. First of all, my new Guess Jacket, which is on sale now. It’s a blue navy cape jacket, with faux fur details. While it’s very nice and comfortable it’s also easy to match with other items. In this outfit I’ve matched the cape jacket with another new item, a pair of white pants from Zara. These not so new over-the-knees boots from Aldo are completing this look. I have to…

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    Metallic Outfit

    This month I’ve been taking a French course at La Sorbonne so I’ve been studying a lot to improve my french! It’s almost time to go back home, I know that I haven’t published much this month, but I’m going to make it up very soon! There are a lot of posts coming, I’ve also been uploading a lot of pictures on my Instagram. I’m wearing metallic and black colors with silver accessories. I’ve bought this gray metallic t-shirt and the black pants at Zara. The Aldo shoes match the color of the t-shirt, and I’ve taken this bag at the H&M in Paris.   I was wearing: T-shirt: Zara Pants:…

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    Jade Shop – Xi’An Imperial Fine Arts Center

    Besides her story, Xi’An is also widely known for being an area rich of jade stone. Inside the Xi’An Imperial Fine Arts Center there are some real masterpieces of jade stone, I’ve learned that there are many different colors of jade, it’s usually known as green, but it can also be white or with some shades of green. In the shop you can find jade statues of all the sizes, and of course I couldn’t miss to share with you all these beautiful pieces, including the jade jewelry. I absolutely loved this shop, it’s a must-see if you visit Xi’An.

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    Walking around Barcelona

    This is my last outfit in Barcelona, I really enjoyed the time spent in this beautiful place. These pictures have been taken while walking around the city, I hope you like this gallery. I’m wearing  a total black outfit, with swarovski details on the jacket. The next posts will be all about China! If you are followers on my Instagram you probably already saw some of the pictures.

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    Multi-Colored Poncho

    I’m by the Albano lake, which is an half hour of driving from Rome. I’m wearing this poncho multicolor from Silvian Heach, its pattern and its colors caught my attention when I was in the shop. I think that the poncho is perfect for the mid season and it’s also very comfortable to wear.    

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    Red Blazer

    Last week I’ve been visiting Istanbul with my family, I just can’t wait to show you the pictures taken when I was in Istanbul. I took these photos that I’m sharing before my visit in Turkey. Since I love to wear colored blazers, I’ve decided to share with you this look with this lovely red blazer from Mango. It’s not as hard as it seems to pair a red blazer, there are some colors that match perfectly with red. I’ve chosen to pair the red blazer with a grey cardigan, with a bag and pair of boots both beige, and a dark grey scarf with golden details. I’m wearing: Red…

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