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My Graduation Day

My graduation day has finally come, I’m getting my degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation at La Sapienza, the University of Rome. I’ve been wondering a lot if I should have written this post or not, and what exactly I was going to say about it. I’ve graduated in the United States and then I came back in Italy to finish my studies and to start the University and it wasn’t that easy. The italian university La Sapienza is not the easiest one, here you definitely learn how to earn everything, even the smallest information does looks like you just found out something top secret, not  kidding! I need to say that besides what I’ve learned in class, La Sapienza thought me a lot more, such as patience and persistence which are both absolutely necessary in every aspects of life.

When I say that it wasn’t easy, I’m not talking to the classes programs because I like to study and learning is never been a problem for me, but I’m referring to the general disorganization, the fact that no one is going to inform you in details about anything even when you directly ask, and other technical issues, which all together are going to make you waste a lot of time. I’ve experienced the most absurd situations while I was here, one of them is that professors retired while I had to take exams with them and no one bothered about writing it on the website, students usually found out these informations…by accident. Well, looking at the bright side, I’m done with all that so…I hope you like the outfit at least. PS: my brother and my boyfriend appeared on my blog post for the very first time!









Top: Elisabetta Franchi

Skirt: Brique

Shoes: Aldo


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