Fall in Love with GAP

I can’t believe Fall is almost here! First of all I would like to thank GAP for our partnership, they also gave me this wonderful fashion idea for the upcoming season: Girlfriend Jeans and the Warmest Vest, together they are such a great match.

The Warmest Vest is the perfect item during Autumn, it’s versatile and very easy to style. But when I was in the store I’ve had such an hard time to choose the color. They are all so beautiful that I couldn’t decide which one I would take with me! If you are in Rome you should go visit the GAP store in Castel Romano and look for the Warmest Vest! I’m sure you will experience my same indecision. In the end I’ve picked the royal blue, I’m so obsessed with this color. In the shop you can also find these pair of Girlfriend Jeans that I’m wearing in the pictures. They are very comfortable and I’m sure that they would be a perfect fit for every style.










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