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My article “Exotic Handbags” on Complete Magazine

Young and talented, she is Khirma Eliazov, the successful New York designer born in Georgia who moved to the United States with her parents, two business owners who always encouraged her to travel.


Khirma found her inspiration in Florence, Italy, when she decided to dedicate her life to her passion in order to pursue a fashion career.

She has gained deep fashion knowledge as she has been working for some important brands as a merchandiser and as a freelance editor.

In 2009 Khirma achieved her dream of launching her own line of luxury handbags and accessories for women, and today her collection is available in 50 boutiques around the world. Click here to read the full article…

The Complete Magazine‘s March Issue is available for iphones on the App Store, the articles are all about women luxury fashion and jewellery, you will definitely enjoy your reading!


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