Visiting Villa Adriana

giubbotto Blauer

Two weekends ago I have visited Villa D’Este, in Tivoli, and I loved it so much that the past weekend I had to come back to Tivoli again to visit Villa Adriana. This “Villa” is completely different from Villa d’Este, as they were built in different times. Villa Adriana is an ancient royal residence built in the II century for the Roman Emperor Adriano. You can see the gallery of both of the visits on my Instagram account, because I’m only posting the pictures of the outfit here. It was particularly cold, since I had to walk and I wanted to be comfortable, I have chosen to wear the Blauer Jacket. It kept me warm for the whole day and it  protected me from the wind, also thanks to the faux fur cap. I’m also wearing a pair of Aldo black boots and jeans to stay casual.




I’m wearing

Jacket: Blauer “Jackson Jacket”

Aldo boots

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