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I had these pictures ready to be published, it just took me a month to post them, there are many reasons why it took me so long. I’ve done some thinking lately, for the first time during my years of blogging I felt like I wasn’t doing the right things and I’ve started to doubt myself. I’ve doubted my abilities and wondered if I could have done things differently and better than I have. Or maybe I haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just me expecting more from myself. Anyways, I felt like opening myself up to those of you who read my blog.

Have you experienced this in your life, maybe at work or as a student? I would love to read your stories and know what you think, remember that when you post a comment your email won’t appear.  

I’m wearing:

Michael Kors bag

Laura Biagiotti ballerinas

Levi’s t-shirt

Levi’s Jeans


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