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Chabaud is a French perfume brand. I had the pleasure to know about this maison de parfum during Pitti Fragrances in Florence.  This brand has everything: perfumes, home fragrances and even perfumed candles. But what is it that makes Chabaud so special?

Let’s find out together, the last one is my favorite of all!

chabaud perfum

The scents are unique because they remind you of your childhood. Meantime, their eau de perfumes are delicate and pleasant for our senses.

There are perfumes with a base of Chocolate or Vanilla, and those are real smell. It seems like you are actually feeling the real chocolate bar.

Among the Home Fragrances, there is one that really felt like home. It’s Sweet Milk, which really caught the true and soft smell of concentrated milk.

Also, the Jardin de Thé made me feel like I was in my home actually preparing a tea with the real leafs.

La nuit des rois mages in also an home fragrance, it means “the night before the Three Wise Men”. It’s a sweet they make in France the night before Christmas and, even if we don’t have this specific  tradition in Italy, it felt familiar. I felt like my grandma was preparing a cake and the scent reminds me of the moment when the cake comes out of the owen.


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  1. I’m so curious about this brand now. I would love to check out their perfumes.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  2. I love your description of the different scents – I really want to try these perfumes now!

    Heather xoxo

  3. This is such a lovely post – loving the look of the brand! 🙂

    Layla xx

  4. Beautiful bottles!

  5. Great post! These bottles are so pretty! xx

  6. Filipa says:

    These look so lovely

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

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