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Jardin de France

]Jardin de France is a manufacture of perfume founded in 1920 in Amboise. It’s a family that run this prestigious company  for almost a century. Tradition is in fact the most important value for this perfumery a specialized in the authentic and emotion driving signature fragrances.

The love of craftsmanship and excellent knowledge of French olfactory heritage anchor Jardin de France as a brand recognized for the authenticity of its creations and for its quality raw materials.

jardin de france

We met at the event Pitti, in Florence, where I’ve had the pleasure to discover the latest collection. Its five fragrances are a tribute to the Earth through the creation of perfumes that remind the elements. In the stand we could smell the fragrances and how they would develop after 12 hours, I was impressed by this experience. Now, let’s see what this new collection is about. This collection is made of five unisex and woody perfumes, the design of the bottle reflects the classic tradition of this perfumery.

Each fragrance invites you to journey with us back to the heart of the brand and it’s inspirations. In the beginning there was earth, wood, stone, metal and leather…These five new fragrances express these raw matters and elements of the earth and celebrate the ability of our experts to represent the unchanging bond between man and nature.

jardin de france perfume


Terre Initiale: is a woody fragrance, it has elements and patchouli and incense in its components.

 Metal Absolu: it’s a fresh and spicy fragrance, it’s good for men and women. Ginger and Cedar are the strongest notes, while you can smell  wood and tea .

Bois Premier: it’s one of my favorites, although is very masculine. It’s a woody fragrance, it reminds the smell of the forest. It’s a fresh perfume, you can recognize the cedar and the vetiver in its components.

Cuir Eternel: It’s an oriental fragrance, with particular leather and wood notes. Many prestigious ingredients from all over the world are inside this perfume, such as Saffron from Iran, Oud from Laos, Vanilla from Madagascar.

Pierre Originelle: this fragrance is intense, spicy and powdery. Iris, sandalwood and Cedar wood are the strongest notes of this perfume, while Ice mint and red pepper add spicy noted to the complex.





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  1. thanks for sharing love! need to check out this brand

  2. I never heard about these fragrances but they look great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ankita Bardhan says:

    Such a classy packaging these perfumes have! I need to check out this brand 🙂

  4. How lovely, Alessia! Thank you for bringing this brand to us! I will definitely have to check it out. 🙂 Hope you are well!

  5. What a great brand! Thanks for sharing lovely!


  6. thanks for sharing! great brand!!
    Mónica Sors

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