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Interview with Natalia – Fashion Blogger from Iceland

interview with natalia Natalia is a fashionista based in Iceland. In this interview, she will talk about her emerging brand and what fashion means to her.  Hello Natalia, tell us a little bit about yourself.  Hi Alessia! Thank you for inviting me, it’s a great pleasure! I’m a Polish girl living in Iceland, professionally a …

Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate

Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate?

[:en]Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate? I’ll give you a straight answer: yes, they are. How? Let’s find out… I’m going to give you, as always, my opinion based on personal experiences, so it’s nothing globally recognized. Just a little disclaimer, I’m not attacking social media, I use them and I actually have …

Medioevo 2.0

Medioevo 2.0

[:it]Lo so che potrebbe sembrare inverosimile che sia proprio una blogger a scrivere questo, ebbene sì, viviamo nel Medioevo 2.0. Condivido con voi una riflessione fresca di questi giorni. Abbiamo tutti uno o più aggeggi tecnologici smartissimi, automobili che inchiodano quando siamo distratti, conversiamo amabilmente con Siri e Cortana come se fossero la nostra mamma. …

fashion movies on netflix

Fashion Movies on Netflix – Film sulla moda su Netflix

We all know our favorite source of movies and tv shows has plenty of choice, but what fashion lovers should watch on Netflix? The first picture is from Pinterest, the credit goes to BuzzFeed Partner. There are many movies about fashion, but I’m going to talk about the ones that I think best describe the …

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What to get to your mother in law for Christmas – Cosa regalare alla suocera per Natale

What to get to your mother in law for Christmas, it’s a question that both men and women ask themselves once a year. The relationship with your mother in law is important for the family.  Since it’s not always possible to spend a lot of time with your in laws, it’s important to get the …

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