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    (Italiano) Mascherine in tessuto

    MASCHERE IN TESSUTO Le mascherine ormai fanno parte della nostra quotidianità, sappiamo tutti quanto sia importante indossarle. Le mascherine in tessuto lavabili sono delle alternative interessanti alle classiche maschere chirurgiche: oltre ad essere comode, aderenti, e più belle esteticamente, sono anche una soluzione ecologica che a lungo andare può salvaguardare l’ambiente. Vi presento tre designer italiane che in questo periodo stanno realizzando mascherine in tessuto lavabili: sono artigiane, giovani, e attente nella scelta dei materiali. I loro capi sono tutti made in Italy, realizzati a mano nei rispettivi laboratori. Loro sono, in ordine alfabetico: Annalisa Queen, Matilde Marianetti, Project RZL, ma andiamo a conoscerle meglio. Annalisa Queen Annalisa Queen è un…

  • Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate

    Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate?

    Are Social Media Changing the Way We Communicate? I’ll give you a straight answer: yes, they are. How? Let’s find out… I’m going to give you, as always, my opinion based on personal experiences, so it’s nothing globally recognized. Just a little disclaimer, I’m not attacking social media, I use them and I actually have a lot of fun. I’m going to focus on Instagram, because it’s the social media I use the most at the moment. Personally, I love Instagram because it’s immediate, it stimulates creativity and it’s like a journal. I like to share the photos of the places that I see, the outfits and whatever I find…

  • Altuner Ateliers
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    Altuner Ateliers

    Altuner Ateliers is a scarf company Made in Germany. I’ve had the pleasure to meet the designer during Milan Fashion Week last year. The combination of style and high quality is what makes this company successful. No one could ever deny it: these scarves are eye-catching and very stylish. In just few years I’m sure everyone will know this talented designer and will wear her beautiful creations. What is it that makes Altuner Ateliers’ scarves so special? Let’s find out. The high quality: Altuner Ateliers scarves are all made of silk while some of them have inserts of merinos wool. A natural process that involves the olive oil attaches the…

  • Chabaud
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    Chabaud is a French perfume brand. I had the pleasure to know about this maison de parfum during Pitti Fragrances in Florence.  This brand has everything: perfumes, home fragrances and even perfumed candles. But what is it that makes Chabaud so special? Let’s find out together, the last one is my favorite of all! The scents are unique because they remind you of your childhood. Meantime, their eau de perfumes are delicate and pleasant for our senses. There are perfumes with a base of Chocolate or Vanilla, and those are real smell. It seems like you are actually feeling the real chocolate bar. Among the Home Fragrances, there is one…

  • fashion movies on netflix

    Fashion Movies on Netflix

    We all know our favorite source of movies and tv shows has plenty of choice, but what fashion lovers should watch on Netflix? The first picture is from Pinterest, the credit goes to BuzzFeed Partner. There are many movies about fashion, but I’m going to talk about the ones that I think best describe the reality of fashion. Feel free to add your favorite titles in the comments!     The September Issue   I’m sure you all know Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of Vogue America. This is a documentary about the September Issue, which is the most important issue of the year. It’s the one that announces…

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    What tv shows are on Netflix

    Which tv show should you watch on Netflix? The image with the t-shirt is so cute, the credits go to Bianca Pitton, I found it on Pinterest. When it comes to Netflix, I can definitely rely to that sweater. There is a lot of choice and sometimes it’s hard to choose which tv show to watch. These are the ones that I have already watched and that I wouldn’t mind watching again. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here!  These shows reflect my taste in movies, these somehow fall into the  thriller’s category. Black Mirror Revenge 13 Reasons Why Orphan Black Mindhunter Black Mirror            …

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    What to get to your mother in law for Christmas

    What to get to your mother in law for Christmas, it’s a question that both men and women ask themselves once a year. The relationship with your mother in law is important for the family.  Since it’s not always possible to spend a lot of time with your in laws, it’s important to get the best out of the moments together. First Picture Credits: HGTV Magazine, taken from Pinterest.   Sabon cosmetics, I love this company because they don’t use parabens and other nasty things that cause allergies. This exfoliating scrub for the face is wonderful, it leaves a sensation of freshness. You can use it everyday, it helps to…

  • natural remedies for the flu

    Natural remedies for the flu

    I’m going to tell you the natural remedies for the flu that I have tested on myself. Make sure that if you are sick, you will see a doctor. This post is based on personal experience, it’s not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I took the pictures in this post from Pinterest, the credits go their respective owners. The first image belongs to For Emma, Forever Ago (from Pinterest). The best natural remedies for the flu are a mix of lemons, honey and ginger. One day my boyfriend and I got sick with the flu. We had all the symptoms of the flu,…

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    Hiring only under 25 years old

    I would like to specify that this post is referring only about an italian situation. The shop owners tend to hang this specific sign in front of their shop: “hiring only under 25 years old”. Even the online ads say the same. Since no one has ever imposed this age limit and there is no law about it, why do shop owners only hire under 25 years old people? Is it good for the companies? Don’t get me wrong, young people have to work, I’m just questioning this age limit. I must say that in Italy the working system is different, there is just a small part of underage people…

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