Altuner Ateliers

Altuner Ateliers

Altuner Ateliers is a scarf company Made in Germany. I’ve had the pleasure to meet the designer during Milan Fashion Week last year. The combination of style and high quality is what makes this company successful. No one could ever deny it: these scarves are eye-catching and very stylish. In just few years I’m sure everyone will know this talented designer and will wear her beautiful creations. What is it that makes Altuner Ateliers’ scarves so special? Let’s find out.

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The high quality: Altuner Ateliers scarves are all made of silk while some of them have inserts of merinos wool. A natural process that involves the olive oil attaches the merinos wool to the silk. ย This fabric makes the scarves shine, it’s definitely a bright item that you can add to your outfit.

scarf made in germany

The style. While the overall style of the company seems dark and gothic, wearing the scarves makes you look quite the opposite. The designs are elegant and modern, and each one of their items is versatile. I felt like the same scarf could look perfect for an elegant evening and a day out with friends, and you can still have an appropriate outfit for the occasion.

scarf company made in germany

Don’t forget to check out the website to discover the new creations.


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