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    Back to the 90s

    I’ve had this feeling for the whole summer, did you feel these 90s vibes too? I’m very excited about this new Michael Kors handbag, it was a graduation gift from my amazing cousin Laki. This style is casual and chic, I love the brown and white combo in an outfit. Tomorrow I will traveling to Greece, so keep an eye on my Instagram! This look is very comfortable for a day and night out with friends, it’s chic without being too much. I’ve always felt like white was the color of the summer, for clothes at least. The brown Michael Kors bag matches the wood of the heels that I’m…

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    When in Rome…

    [:en] When in Rome, let’s say it…I spend a lot of time doing shopping! I don’t necessarily buy everything that I see, but it’s still considered shopping. This time I would like to show you some new entries into my wardrobe. First of all, my new Guess Jacket, which is on sale now. It’s a blue navy cape jacket, with faux fur details. While it’s very nice and comfortable it’s also easy to match with other items. In this outfit I’ve matched the cape jacket with another new item, a pair of white pants from Zara. These not so new over-the-knees boots from Aldo are completing this look. I have…

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    Welcome 2016

    [:en]I would like to start by wishing you all a wonderful New Year!! This is my first post of 2016, I’ve started this year with a quiet mood and I took advantage of the holidays to walk around my beautiful Rome. Winter is definitely arrived in Rome, so I’m finally wearing some winter clothes to stay warm. This is a casual outfit, appropriate for a walk in a cold temperature. The dark blue is the main color. in contrast with the light colors such as white and beige of the Forever 21 sweater and the Burberry scarf. I’ve picked my Pierre Cardin bag, perfect for the occasion and for its…

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    C’est l’HiverC’est l’Hiver

    Christmas is almost arrived, these days we are all so busy trying to find the right presents for family and friends (I haven’t completed my mission yet). Meanwhile I’m showing you my first winter outfit of the year!Il Natale è ormai arrivato, siamo tutti impegnati nella ricerca del regalo giusto da fare agli amici e ai parenti (ancora non ho completato la mia missione!).

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    [:en]Elegant but easy[:it]elegant but easy[:]

    [:en]This outfit is a mix of styles, it can be considered elegant but easy. I’ve matched the gold colored details in every item that I’m wearing, such as the blazer, the shoes and the Guess bag’s chain. The white top creates a contrast with the black of the blazer, and the short top makes the outfit look less serious than it would have been with a white shirt. I think this outfit is appropriate for a day and a night out with friends, it’s definitely an aperitif outfit. I’m wearing White Top: Zara Blazer: Guess Pants: Zara Shoes: Prima Donna Guess Bag [:it]Questo outfit è un mix di stili, da…

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    [:en]Preppy Vibe[:it]Stile Preppy[:]

    [:en]I’m in Rome, we are still having some beautiful sunny days even if it’s December. I’m wearing a preppy style, which somehow reminds me the fashion style of Gossip Girl. It’s very easy to recreate a look like this, I’m wearing a simple white shirt with a blazer on it. The blazer has a colorful flowers’ pattern. Since I love bright colors, I’ve picked the red skirt that I bought at Forever 21. Just like the blazer, it also has a flowers  pattern but it’s not the same. Since the patterns are different, it’s better to choose the ones that look good together. I’m wearing: Blazer: H&M Skirt: Forever 21 Ankle…

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    [:en]Street style in Shanghai [:it]Street style in Shanghai[:]

    [:en] Last week I’ve visited Shanghai again, I just could’t stay away from China for too long. I’m by the Bund, the financial center of Shanghai and, besides the amazing view of the Bund on the other side of the wall, there is this beautiful wall of flowers. This wall is composed by many small vases, each one of them with flowers in it, and all together they make this incredible design. I’m wearing a casual street style, this is probably the first time that I wear the Converse in a blog outfit! I’m wearing: Sunglasses: Bvlgari Top: Omai Hollister Jeggins Aldo bag Shoes: Converse   [:it] La settimana scorsa ho visitato di…

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    Make up for Ever

    [:en] During October I’ve been invited to the Make Up For Ever event in Rome, where a talented make up artist applied a lipstick on everyone who was attending, and we discovered this brand’s latest products. I’ve received some of them to try at home, and at the end of the post you will see my picture with all the  make up products. To be completely honest, since I loved them so much, this has become my make up routine. There is the Artist Shadows Palette, it comes with some bright earth colors, and a pretty shade of dark blue. I love this product because you can use it for both your day and…

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    [:en] Two weeks ago I went to visit Bournemouth, a nice town in South England. These photos have been taken at Bournemouth Beach, you can also spot the beautiful beach in one of these pictures. I have also posted some photos on Instagram when I was there. I’m wearing a long sweater from Forever 21 it has mixed colors and it appears to be gray in the complex. I matched it with black pants from Zara, with the ankle boots from Forever 21 that I bought in Paris. I’ve brought this Pierre Cardin bag, which is very good while traveling. I’m wearing: Sweater: Forever 21 Pants: Zara Ankle Boots: Forever…

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