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    Chabaud is a French perfume brand. I had the pleasure to know about this maison de parfum during Pitti Fragrances in Florence.  This brand has everything: perfumes, home fragrances and even perfumed candles. But what is it that makes Chabaud so special? Let’s find out together, the last one is my favorite of all! The scents are unique because they remind you of your childhood. Meantime, their eau de perfumes are delicate and pleasant for our senses. There are perfumes with a base of Chocolate or Vanilla, and those are real smell. It seems like you are actually feeling the real chocolate bar. Among the Home Fragrances, there is one…

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    Jardin de France

    Jardin de France is a manufacture of perfume founded in 1920 in Amboise. It’s a family that run this prestigious company  for almost a century. Tradition is in fact the most important value for this perfumery a specialized in the authentic and emotion driving signature fragrances. The love of craftsmanship and excellent knowledge of French olfactory heritage anchor Jardin de France as a brand recognized for the authenticity of its creations and for its quality raw materials. We met at the event Pitti, in Florence, where I’ve had the pleasure to discover the latest collection. Its five fragrances are a tribute to the Earth through the creation of perfumes that…

  • Teatro Fragranze Uniche

    Teatro Fragranze Uniche

    Teatro Fragranze Uniche is an Italian brand of Home Fragrances. The founders are three women inspired by the Florentin Renaissance, through the creation of exclusive fragrances made in Italy. Since there is an important attention for the details, the decanters are thought as a decoration for the environment. As a result, the fragrance and the bottle together add a special allure to the room. “Giving life to an explosion of the senses is the objective behind the creation of our fragrances.” A kaleidoscope of olfactory experiences are expressed in the form of elegantly designed fragrance bottles, true treasure chests of emotions. Teatro Fragranze Uniche has developed  a   line of fine,…

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