How to spot a fake perfume

Hi everyone, I would like to write about fake perfumes. Just few days ago my boyfriend decided to surprise me by buying me my favorite perfume. He knew that I was desperately looking for  Miss Dior Chérie, which is no longer on the market. He randomly met a person who claimed to be able to find it, because he already found other perfumes out of production, so my boyfriend decided to trust him. But as soon as I saw the cover I realized that it was a fake.

How do you recognize a fake perfume?


The right question  to ask is:” Where does the perfume comes from?” If it comes from an authorized store you have nothing to be worried about.

Then, you need to know how the original product looks like. If you notice something strange, even a small detail, you must consider the fact that it might be a fake.

If you don’t know the product well and you are still not sure if it’s a fake, you can  bring it to an authorized shop and ask if it’s an original piece.

What if you have already bought a fake perfume?

Ask the person who tricked you to give you back your money. If you bought a fake perfume on the internet you need to check the website policies and see what you can do about it. And, most important, go to the authorities and tell what happened. If there is an illegal traffic of fake products, the authorities need to know it. This is really bad for the cosmetics’ business, consider that there is a lot of work behind everything that you find in the stores. Not to mention, these products could be bad  for your health.

And don’t spray it on you!

Is a fake product dangerous?

It might be dangerous for your health, so if you have a fake perfume: DON’T SPRAY IT! It could give you allergies to the skin and it might even provoke a respiratory crisis. The fake products don’t go through the usual legal process of control as the regular products do. Consider that such imitations might also contain some toxic ingredients.

How does a fake perfume look like?

To be honest, I can’t describe how all the fake perfumes look like because I’ve never seen a fake perfume before this one, but I can definitely show the pictures I took. In this case, the fake is Miss Dior Chérie and, luckily, I kept the original  bottle and the box, so we can make a comparison.

This is the original Miss Dior Chérie



This is the fake



And this is the box of the fake perfume



As you can notice, there are two problems with the box. The first one is with the Dior’s logo, the D is different. The second problem is the color, there is supposed to be the pink in the square around the name of the perfume, but in the fake it is white.

As you can see in the second picture, the bottle is completely different from the original one. The glass of the original bottle is transparent and the fake bottle is rough.

The ribbon is also very different.

If you want, you can check out my old post about Miss Dior so you can compare with more pictures

How do you prevent yourself from buying fake perfumes? 

Shop only by the authorized stores, that’s the only way you can be sure of the authenticity of a product.

Just remember to alert the authorities if you accidentally buy a non-authentic cosmetic. And consider that if the fake product is been sold to you as an original piece, you are a victim of a fraud.

I’m attaching this FBI link because I think that it might also help you.

I really hope that this post can be helpful, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask.

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