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How to dress chic casual

how to dress chic casual

How to dress chic casual: here is my idea according to my personal taste. I will give you some hints on how to look effortlessly chic for a casual occasion. I was staring at my closet trying to figure that out, and then I  came up with this look. My first tip is to choose colors that are not too extravagant together, for this reason I’m choosing black and white. The focus of this look is on the top and other catchy accessories, such as this big hat.

chanel roma

The top looks like a shirt but it’s actually a body. It’s soft and remains comfortable even after some hours. Since the occasion is casual, I chose to wear a pair of jeans, but any pants would fit in this look. I’m sure every girl has a favorite pair of jeans in her closet and that she feels comfortable to wear.

casual chic 2019

The accessories are completely up to you. The necklace is pretty big, but somehow it got covered by the top so you won’t see it too much, but it wasn’t intentional. What I really wanted was to go around the city wearing this huge hat. It’s not used too much in Rome (unless it’s summer and you have to walk a lot) but  I like it.

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fashion blogger roma

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I’m wearing:

Chanel 2.55

Top: Zara

Jeans: Guess


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  1. You are looking really stunning in that dress.

    TOP is very beautiful. I love Zara and surely going to buy that top.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loving the outfit. The hat makes all the difference. I love the body suit too.

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