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Halloween Nails #2

Hi, this is another post with some other nail art inspired to Halloween!

This is an easy nail art, as I did in the other post, I helped myself with a toothpick to do the lines.  I used the orange for the base, and dark brown on the top if the nails. I made a line with a light brown sparkle in the brown part.




This last nail style is embroidered inspired, so if tonight you are going to wear something retrò I think this nail style will be perfect with it.  As I did before, I used a toothpick for the black embroiers. Hopefully I gave you some ideas, I wish you a lot of fun for tonight!



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  1. Cute designs and cool ring! 🙂

    1. Thank you Elektra! The ring is from the perfume Miss Dior! 😉

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