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Fashion Flash Mob

Yesterday at the historical Galleria Alberto Sordi in via del Corso there was a “flash” fashion runway by Sarli Couture. Fausto Sarli was a high fashion stylist who had his debut in 1956 with a runway at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. During his 50 years of career, he dressed many important people from the movies and entertainment industries from all over the world. He also exposed the Italian actress Eleonora Duse’s wardrobe in the Guggenheim Museum of New York. Today his atelier is in via Gregoriana, in the historic center of Rome. His excellent career has received many prizes and recognizements.



This is a photo of Elizabeth Taylor in 1961, who was wearing a Fausto Sarli dress. This photo is also signed by the actress who wrote a note to thank the stylist that she really appreciated.


These last two photos are the ones that I took, I’ve decided to post the ones from Mastercard Priceless Rome first because are much better than the ones I took.



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  1. Have you seen the new vest trend? I love it when a surprise comes my way that is delicious enough to want as much as chocolate. Looks like the oversized sport jacket left as quickly as it came this time. On with the new…. {Trend To Try} Designers Are Baring Arms with Elongated Vests Trending on The Runways

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