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This time I wrote a post about fashion books, I’ve done some reading lately and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on my favorite books about fashion. I’m sure everyone will enjoy these books, they are mostly about style and they give a lot of inspiration in that sense.


The book that you can’t miss is the one about Christian Dior. It talks about the life of this parisian couturier, you will notice that there is a lot of professional work, besides the words this book is enriched with illustrations and photos of him and his collections, you will definitely have an idea of how his life was. In Vogue on: Christian Dior you will read about Christian Dior’s fashion lines, his relationship with his staff and clients, and his thoughts about the other stylists that made history, just like him.


Paris Street Style (I have the italian version) suggests how to wear items such as jeans, long skirts, the trench, and patterns like the animalier, the military style and so on. It shows how versatile fashion items can be, I absolutely loved the suggestions about vintage and used clothes, which is absolutely normal in France. There are also some interviews of fashion stylists and pictures of outfits.


Now it’s the time of Nina Garcia’s books, The style strategy and The Little Black Book of Style, I like to consider them as shopping guides. What I liked the most of these books is that they encourage the readers to become one of a kind when it comes to fashion.

The style strategy tells what shouldn’t be missing in every girl’s closet, and it gives some nice suggestion, such as watching the 50s movies to get fashion inspiration. It also gives some ideas of how we should get dressed for the occasion such as first date, first working day and so on.

The Little Black Book of Style is a real shopping guide and it gives some advices about how to stay stylish without going bankrupt!


How to Tie a Scarf is the practical guide that shows with pictures 33 ways to tie a scarf. The explanations are all very clear, the book gives a lot of inspirations also about how to use different kinds of scarves. It’s easy and the styles shown are elegant and appropriate for every occasion.

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