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First of all, I would like to wish happy holidays to all of you! I can’t believe that this is winter in Miami, considering that only two weeks ago I was freezing in Rome, I feel like I’ve been fast-forwarded straight to summer. It feels weird to spend the Christmas Holidays in the heat of Miami while Rome is still cold and rainy. This is the very first time that I travel to a tropical area during winter. I’m very happy about this special winter in Miami.

 You have already seen this outfit on Instagram but here there are more pictures! I’ve created an outfit like that last summer but I didn’t have the chance to take photos of it, so here comes out my latent creativity. I must say that this isn’t the first time that I pair yellow and blue while in Miami. Those two colors together always remind me of the summer, so this look is appropriate for the situation. This blue necklace is an item that I’ve bought in an accessories shop in Miami, but the bracelets came from Italy with me.  Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a beautiful 2017!

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winter in miami


Vorrei per prima cosa augurare buone feste a tutti voi! Considerando che fino a due settimane fa stavo congelando a Roma, ho una sensazione strana, mi sento come se fossi stata catapultata nell’estate 2017. Avete già visto un’anteprima di questo outfit su Instagram, e finalmente ho pubblicato tutte le foto. Ho creato questo outfit che in realtà avrei voluto indossare e fotografare l’estate appena passata, sto sfogando la creatività estiva. Colgo l’occasione per augurarvi un fantastico 2017!



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