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What to see in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of art, architecture and fun. For sure everyone can find something of their interest, in this post I’m going to tell you what you shouldn’t miss of this city, starting from the museums to the less touristics things that you can do in Barcelona. If you are planning to visit Barcelona, you might also want to read the useful informations post that I wrote. I would like to start by telling the less touristic things to do.

If you love the art, you would definitely love to visit Lara Kalò’s art studio, which is in Passtage Igesias 6, in Barcelona. Lara Kalò is a painter of pop art, it was great to meet her and to see her while she was painting.



You all know Parc de la Ciutadella, right? If you have some free time, you can rent a boat inside the park, it was a lot of fun for me especially because I’ve never done it before. If you don’t feel like renting a boat don’t worry, you can still take a pleasant walk in this park and discover all of its beauty.



If you like the gothic architecture, you must visit the cathedral Maria del Mar, in the picture below.


Visit the Gaudì’s monuments! You have to visit La Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell, these two monuments alone are worth the trip to Barcelona. Once you are inside Parc Güell you can visit the Gaudì’s home, which is also interesting to see. In my post Useful Informations I wrote how to get to these places. You also shouldn’t miss Casa Battlò and La Pedrera, also made by Gaudì. I hope you enjoy this gallery dedicated to Gaudì.


In the picture below there is the Gaudì’s home inside Parc Güell.


La Pedrera is in the picture below.


La Casa Batllò in the picture below.


The last pictures below are the ones taken inside La Sagrada Familia, which I strongly suggest to visit.



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