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 I wanted to share with you the reason of my visit in Milan last weekend. I went to visit Amma during her event, she is a great person and I’ve decided to tell you about her because she must become an example for all of us. Her humanitarian work is so vast that I don’t even know where to start to best describe her activities.

She is an Indian woman and the founder of the charity foundation “Embracing The World”. Amma travels around the world to give hope to the humanity and to help the people who are the most in the need. With her charity foundation, Amma helped the victims of natural disasters such as Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Bihar Floods during the 2008, and the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan during in 2011. 

Amma is also concerned about the ecology, during her event the interpreter read us that we make a wrong use of the plastic. She also told us that we think about trees as objects, but they are living creatures that we must respect. Amma hopes that we could change part of our lifestyle in order to restore the balance of the nature.

Among many of her activities, Amma also run an orphanage with 500 children in India. Embracing the World is been taking care of the children for twenty years and they provide for their education as well.

In 2010 Amma received an award from the Indian President for her humanitarian works in India. In July 2005, the United Nations gave Amma the “Status of Special Consultant”.

Amma travels around the world to embrace the people who come to her events, if you are interested in seeing her I suggest you to look for her program in her website:  http://amma.org/meeting-amma/north-america  .

It was such an amazing experience for me, her discourses really gave me hope about the future and made me consider about doing some good for the others, sometimes our lives are so busy that we forget that there are suffering people even next to us. 





I’ve got this t-shirt during Amma’s event, the money they raise during her meetings are all going to support her humanitarian activities. I really admire her work and I look forward to see her again. 

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  1. giuliapg89 says:

    Bella la frase stampata sulla maglietta!
    P.S. Visto? Ora inizio a commentare pure io! 😛

    1. Grazie Giulia! Ti sei iscritta, sono contenta di trovarti qui! Un bacione 😀

  2. This is an outstanding shirt with a message that is so needed today. By the way you have so much beauty around you. Thanks for sharing your photos. If you are interested in my jewelry take a look in the gallery on my site.
    Good to meet you.

    1. Thank you! I’ve decided to share the photo of this t-shirt because I truly believe in this message, I’m glad you could see this. And yes, I’d love to see your jewelry, I’ll be checking on your site soon! 😉
      It was really good to meet you too!

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